Wall of confusion

”Wall of confusion” originates from the Velocity conference in 2009, where Andrew Shafer gave a talk called Agile Infrastructure and where the wall of confusion appears on slide 106.

It is about developers working long hours to meet the release deadline, and when the day comes, they toss the new software version over the wall to operations, that have to figure out how to get the software up and running in the production environment.

There are several conflicts of interest around the wall of confusion:

When it comes to motivation and culture:

  • Developers think that new features are good.
  • Ops people think that new features are risky.

When it comes to process:

  • Developers want to use a change-driven process.
  • Ops people want to use a plan-driven process.

When it comes to tooling:

  • Developers want to use cloud tools.
  • Ops people wants to use physical servers (like in an on-premise data center).

With DevOps, we want to tear down the wall of confusion, by breaking down silos. Developers and operations should work together, in several independent and self-organizing teams.

Learn more: What is DevOps?

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