Transformational Leadership

”Transformational leadership” is one of the cultural capabilities important for DevOps. It is about inspiring and motivating employees, facilitating organizational change. The Accelerate book mentions five factors:

  1. Vision: A clear understanding of where the organization should be in five years.
  2. Intellectual stimulation: Challenge employees to think in new ways.
  3. Inspirational communication: Communication that motivates, also in tough times.
  4. Supportive leadership: A leader who cares about employees’ needs and feelings.
  5. Personal recognition: Let people know when they have done something good.

If our organization has a good transformational leadership, this will help us being good at the following things as well:

  1. Lean product development, especially the following things:
    1. Work in small batches
    2. Make flow of work visible
    3. Gather and implement customer feedback
  2. DevOps practices, especially the following things:
    1. Test automation
    2. Deployment automation
    3. Trunk-based development
    4. Shift left on security
    5. Loosely coupled architecture
    6. Empowered teams
    7. Continuous integration
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