Three ways of DevOps

”Three ways of DevOps” comes from The Phoenix Project, a novel about working at a company struggling with releasing new software, and where DevOps principles are used to solve the situation.

The three ways are:

The first way: Systems thinking

  • The whole system should be quick: Once you decide to do something, the new thing should be put in the hands of the users as fast as possible. We should optimize the whole chain from development to operations, instead of optimizing individual silos along the way.

The second way: Amplify feedback loops

  • We should focus on getting quick and plenty of feedback, so we can optimize by taking corrective actions when needed.

The third way: Culture of continual experimentation and learning

  • We should take risks, experiment (and allow mistakes), to get a better understanding of what the best way forward is and to be able to improve our way of working and the product itself.

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