Shift Left

”Shift left” or shifting left in DevOps is about involving other roles than developers in the early phases of the software development lifecycle, in the development and delivery phase.

The traditional approach:

  1. Developers develop and deliver the software.
  2. Testers test the software.
  3. The security team assesses that there is a minimal risk with the software.
  4. The operations team keeps the software up and running in the production environment, so that users can use the software.

The problem with the traditional approach is that feedback from testers, the security team and the operations team on changes implemented by developers arrives late. To reduce the cycle time, we want to fail fast. To get quick feedback, and to encourage knowledge sharing with cross-functional teams, we involve testers, security and operations in the development and delivery phases, and we try to automate as much as possible in the CI/CD toolchain.

  • Shift left on operations gives us DevOps.
  • Shift left on testing gives us continuous testing (automated tests in the CI/CD toolchain).
  • Shift left on security gives us DevSecOps. Learn more:
  • Shift left on database configuration gives us Database DevOps. Learn more: DevOps for databases
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