Lean Product Development

”Lean product development” is together with ”Lean management” describing how Lean practices fits into a DevOps context.

Lean product development can (according to the Accelerate book) in a DevOps context be broken down into:

  1. Work in small batches: Complete work in a week or less, to enable short lead times and fast feedback loops.
  2. Make flow of work visible in the value stream. Keep track of status all the way to the customer, to get a good IT performance.
  3. Gather and implement customer feedback, for a good software delivery performance.
  4. Team experimentation: Try out new ideas and update specifications while developing, without approval from outside the team.

If you have a good transformational leadership in place, that will help you being good also at work in small batches, make flow of work visible and gather and implement customer feedback.

We have a positive spiral that we can use:

  • If you are good at software delivery performance, that will boost your ability to be good at lean product development.
  • If you are good at lean product development, that will boost your ability to be good at software delivery performance.

Being good at Lean product management helps us to also be good at:

  1. Organizational performance
  2. Software delivery performance (as already mentioned)
  3. Organizational culture
  4. Identity
  5. Less burnout
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