Lean Management

”Lean management” together with ”Lean product development” defines how Lean fits into DevOps.

Lean management can, according to the Accelerate book, in a DevOps context be broken down into:

  1. Limit work in progress (WIP), to increase throughput, make constraints visible and drive process improvement.
  2. Visual management: Use dashboards or intranet pages to monitor quality and work in progress, to get a good software delivery performance.
  3. Feedback from production: Use data from application performance and infrastructure monitoring tools daily, to make business decisions.
  4. Lightweight change approvals: Use peer review (pair programming, intrateam code review) rather than a team-external change approval board.

If your organization is good at Lean management, that will boost the possibility for your organization to also be good at:

  • Software delivery performance
  • Organizational culture
  • Job satisfaction
  • Less burnout
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