DevOps is a software development approach where development and operations are working together to deliver software to end users in a fast and reliable way.

DevOps is often described with the CAMS model, or with the three ways of DevOps.

There are 5 key pillars of success in DevOps:

  1. Reduce organizational silos
  2. Accept failure as normal
  3. Implement gradual changes
  4. Leverage tooling and automation
  5. Measure everything

A CI/CD pipeline is used to automate the build process, all the way from code commit to software delivery, and maybe even to deployment on the production server.

In addition to a faster delivery of software with higher quality (as compared to a more traditional and less automated software development approach), DevOps also gives us:

  • Shorter time to resolution for defects, because we have:
    • Faster feedback
    • Less ticket writing
    • Fewer handovers
  • A better work-load balance
    • A new software versions can be installed during normal work hours, instead of outside normal work hours.
    • The automated build chain gives us more time for more important things, like exploring future opportunities.
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