DevOps Process

The ”DevOps process” is a lightweight and quick process that is often illustrated with an eternity eight-figure:


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The story often goes like this:

  1. Plan what should be implemented in the next iteration.
  2. Code the new feature.
  3. Build the new version.
  4. Test the new version in a quick way, with automated tests. At this stage, we may for instance run unit tests and a couple of API tests.
  5. Release the new version: Create a release package, and install it in a staging environment, for additional testing (manual tests, acceptance tests, longer-running automated tests) before giving users access.
  6. Deploy the new version on the production server, which gives users access to the new functionality.
  7. Operate the new version in the production environment. Make sure the application is up and running in the production environment all the time.
  8. Monitor the infrastructure, the application internals and the user support queue, to derive important quick feedback about what we should do in the next iteration to make things even better.
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