DevOps Practices

DevOps practices” is roughly speaking all the additional practices we add to Lean practices (Lean product development and Lean management), to get DevOps with CI/CD at the core.

We can group these additional practices further:

  • Continuous delivery practices
    • Version control: Keep code, system configuration, application configuration and scripts for automating build and configuration in a version control system like Git.
    • Trunk-based development
    • Continuous integration
    • Test automation: Have reliable automated tests, created by developers. You must be able to trust the test result.
    • Test data management: Have enough test data available on demand, to run the fully automated test suites.
    • Deployment automation: Strive for a fully automated deployment without manual intervention.
    • Shift left on security: Involve security in the software delivery process, and give the developers the means to build security in.
  • Architecture practices
    • Loosely coupled architecture: Use a loosely coupled architecture for better delivery performance and the ability to scale development.
    • Empowered teams: Let teams choose the tools they use, but you may want to standardize on architecture and configuration of infrastructure.
  • Monitoring practices
    • Monitoring: Monitor application and infrastructure in a visible and transparent way, for good performance and job satisfaction.
    • Proactive notifications: Use proactive failure notifications (from logging and monitoring systems, in the form of threshold warnings and rate of change warnings) for a good software delivery performance.

Being good at transformational leadership gives us a good chance of being good at several of the additional practices mentioned above:

Being good at all the additional practices mentioned above gives us a push in the right direction, when it comes to being good at Continuous delivery.

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