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Find your way to grow, even in the most complex landscape.

At Sellegi, we put pride and effort into making our customers successful. This also applies to our training offering. We can explain the agile and lean concepts to the entire enterprise, from developers to marketing and leadership teams.

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Certified partner

We are a Scaled Agile Inc. Silver Partner and deliver certification programs with the added value of relevant real-life examples from several different industries. Whether you need an overview of the SAFe framework, or more detailed training for your role as a team member, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager or RTE, we can provide the right session for you.


Customized courses

As your natural partner in lean and agile, we understand and acknowledge the vast variation of contexts that our customers are operating within. We can provide customized trainings focusing on the particular needs of your organization.


Why train with Sellegi?

Training is about gaining new valuable knowledge and insights. There are several ways to achieve this; standard classroom trainings are useful to raise the general knowledge level about a topic, but for more specific needs, hands-on sessions, simulations and problem-solving, workshops may be better suited. At Sellegi, we have vast experience in facilitating in-house trainings and workshops for a wide variety of organizations and industries.