Scaled Agile

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Scaled Agile

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An enterprise’s transformation into an agile organization, the agile transformation journey, is often started as a pilot project in one or a few small development teams. When the transformation is about to scale to encompass the whole organization, including all development teams as well as their business counterparts, many organizations start experiencing difficulties in managing alignment, collaboration and delivery.

A framework such as SAFe can provide a useful structure for the scaling of the organization’s agile practices. However, the framework must always be adapted to the organization’s particular circumstances and business needs.

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Sellegi has broad experience from helping organizations harvest all the benefits of scaling agile. Through a proven track record, we have methods for analyzing business needs, configuring frameworks, coaching agile leaders, and planning and executing agile transformations.

Sellegi has experience in implementing the SAFe framework in a variety of industries, including:

  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Consumer Electronics



The journey to an agile company

Sellegi offers the support that your organization needs to successfully plan and execute the agile transformation journey. We have hands-on experience in setting up agile product management functions and establishing roadmap work as part of the agile framework.

Sellegi provides coaching to leaders of the transformation as well as hands-on planning, problem solving and facilitation.

Success factors

One of the key success factors of this journey includes the active involvement of the business side, in addition to that of the development side. Sellegi provides coaching for business leaders moving into new agile roles. We also support management teams in understanding their new roles within the agile organization. With coaching from Sellegi, the business side of your organization will have the tools to fully participate in the process towards an agile culture.

Abundant experience of agile transformation

During the agile transformation journey you may wish to strengthen your team with expertise and experience from other transformation projects. Sellegi’s senior consultants have ample experience as agile transformation leads in large enterprises and as change leaders in specific parts of an organization. Our consultants can also temporarily take on any of the key agile leadership roles, such as a Release Train Engineer, Product Owner or Product Manager, while the new ways of working and the agile and lean values are being established.