Project Management

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Project Management

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Sellegi offers a flexible, client-focused approach to help companies succeed with the most challenging projects. Key success factors in project management include the right prioritizations, clear communication and early delivery.

At Sellegi, we know how to create a good balance between these. We have comprehensive knowledge and extensive hands-on experience from successful leadership of agile as well as traditional waterfall projects, and from leading teams of project managers.

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Agile Project Management – SAFe Certified

It is important to understand that an agile project cannot be managed in the same way as traditional projects. It takes an entirely different kind of leadership and skill set to ensure that agile will not be yet another buzzword, but a way of working and thinking that helps an organization quickly respond to changes and continuously deliver value.

At Sellegi, agile and lean methodologies are at the heart of what we do. Our consultants have excellent track records from leading positions in agile transformations. This gives us a head start in understanding the challenges our customers face and taking on leading roles in agile organizations.

All our consultants are SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) certified, and have a solid knowledge and experience of other lean, agile and scaling methodologies and frameworks. Our consultants take on assignments in agile projects like release train engineers, product managers, product owners and Scrum masters.


Traditional Project Management – PMP Certified

It requires a combination of high competence, long experience and the right personality to successfully lead and manage projects in fast-paced and complex environments. At Sellegi, we have just that. Many of our project managers hold PMP certifications from PMI in addition to our agile certifications from Scaled Agile Inc, and/or Scrum Alliance. Most importantly, however, we have many years of experience of project management in both product development and business development.

A project must be managed holistically, with clear communication and integrity. We understand the importance of managing all the components of a project through all phases – from analysis and scheduling to support of the released product – while maintaining these important qualities. Additionally, Sellegi’s consultants have ample experience in establishing and maintaining the governance of a Project Management Office (PMO) in support of the project management function at various companies.


Product Management

The Product Manager is the voice of the customer inside the company. It is Product Management’s responsibility to assure that the company’s product portfolio is aligned with its strategy and with market needs. Product managers should be able to make the right prioritizations and sell and explain their ideas. They act as translators between customers, management, sales, and development teams.

Sellegi offers senior product managers with excellent communication skills and long experience from product development in different lines of business.