Keep customers & employees informed during downtime

The number one status and incident communication tool. Handle downtime in an efficient way

  • Prevent a flood of support emails during downtime with information on your statuspage
  • Your team can focus on fixing the problem
  • A communication channel that is up and running when your system is down – Statuspage lives outside your infrastructure with redundancies built-in across the entire stack.

Build trust with transparency

  • Establish one source of truth for incident communication
  • Allow users to subscribe to all or selected downtime alerts via email or SMS
  • Publish key performance metrics like uptime and response time for the major components of your service
  • Show status of services from third-party components like Stripe, Mailgun and PagerDuty

Incident communication the way you want it

  • Use incident templates for a consistent language in your incident communication
  • Customized look and feel with your logo, CSS and HTML
  • Single sign-on for your enterprise, using SAML
  • Create an incident communication workflow by integrating with your monitoring, alerting and chatops tools

Statuspage at a glance

  • Keep users informed during downtime
  • Statuspage is up when your system is down
  • Build trust with transparency
  • Subscribe to downtime alerts
  • Customized incident communication

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