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Atlassian Solution Partner & Marketplace Vendor

Sellegi is not only an Atlassian solution partner, but also an Atlassian Marketplace vendor. This means that we have a long experience of integrating other tools with Jira, and we have also customized Jira Software by building our own apps/addons/plugins. One of them, built for a customer with very specific needs, can be found on the Atlassian Marketplace: Phases for Jira.


Sellegi can help you with ordering and activating new licenses for all Atlassian tools, so your team can continue to work without interruption.

  • Based on you need, we determine suitable tools and apps.
  • Sellegi will order and activate the licenses for you.

Just send us a message and we will be there to help! As an added bonus, we will keep track of when it is time to renew the licenses for you.

Your solution partner for Atlassian & Jira knowledge

Sellegi can help you with introducing Atlassian tools in your workplace. Sellegi can also administrate and operate the tools for you.

  • Workshops
  • Support
  • Introduction & migration projects
  • Jira project configuration & administration
  • Upgrading to new versions

Send us a message if you need our help!

Integrate with Jira

Sellegi can help you integrating your tool with Jira

Integrating your tool with Jira

If you have developed your own tool, or if you have a tool that does not have any integration with Jira already, and you would like to have an integration with Jira, then we can help you.

  • Sellegi can guide you through the process, if you want to develop the integration yourself.
  • Sellegi can develop the integration for you.

If this sounds interesting, send us a message!

Customizing Jira

Do you want to add extra functionality to Jira, to make Jira work the way you want?

  • Sellegi can configure Jira for you, if the functionality is already available in Jira.
  • Sellegi can evaluate existing apps on the Jira Marketplace for you.
  • Sellegi can guide you through the process, if you want to develop your own Jira app.
  • Sellegi can develop a Jira app for you.
  • Sellegi can guide you through the steps needed to publish the app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Whatever Jira needs you may have, we are there for you. Send us a message!

Customizing Jira

A unique Jira dashboard gadget with app settings

Jira Software app: Phases for Jira

This Jira Software server app is about:

  • Load and capacity planning for teams or individuals.
  • Epic phases or stories on a timeline, with planned vs actual start & end dates

For more information, head over to the Atlassian Marketplace: Phases for Jira

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