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  • Scrum step-by-step with Jira Software

    Scrum step-by-step with Jira Software

    This step-by-step Scrum tutorial is a great way to get up and running in Jira in no time! You will learn how to: Create a Scrum project Create user stories or tasks in the backlog Estimate your stories Create a sprint Hold the sprint planning meeting Drag and drop issues into your sprint Start your […]

  • Four Agile Ceremonies, Demystified

    Four Agile Ceremonies, Demystified

    Scrum has four ceremonies that bring structure to each sprint. Done right, these ceremonies create regularity and minimize the need for other meetings. But what is “right”, and how can you use Jira Software to make the ceremonies effective? For someone new to agile, the Scrum roles, artifacts and ceremonies may seem mysterious and confusing. […]