About us

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About us

Our goal

Sellegi’s mission is to help our customers streamlining software and IT-systems by combining expert knowledge in tools, processes and frameworks. We add value today for solutions of tomorrow!

Where it all began

Sellegi was founded in 2003 based on the idea that we should provide services, tools and frameworks helping other companies developing software and IT systems. As experts on modeling and development of related tools, combined with feedback from customers doing large-scale development with distributed teams, support for project modeling was Sellegi’s first effort into the area of scaling agile software development


Sellegi is an IBM partner since 2010, a Scaled Agile Partner between 2014 and 2017 and an Atlassian partner since 2017, with a focus on supporting companies doing agile transformations and using agile methods in the most efficient way in the South of Sweden

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Sellegi – your Atlassian partner in the south of Sweden

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