10 DOs for DevOps

DevOps phases

Here are ten key technical practices that help us solve the enterprise release challenge:

  1. Make stuff available through self-service
  2. Continuously integrate and deploy
  3. Take a code-native approach
    1. Treat the development CI/CD pipeline as a product
    2. Model everything
    3. Collaborate and test
  4. Use trunk-based development
  5. Support cloud-native development alongside traditional development
    1. Address technology impedance mismatches
    2. Address release cadence mismatches
    3. Decouple pipelines
  6. Promote loosely coupled architectures
  7. Let teams use their favorite tools
  8. Measure everything: Adopt pervasive production telemetry
    1. It is often enough to add one line of code to measure how often a function is used. For instance, using the PHP StatsD library:
  9. Make value visible – put it all in the pipeline
    1. Use value stream mapping
  10. Treat security the same as quality and test

For more details, watch this video, or look at the slides below.

10 Do’s for DevOps! from DevOps.com

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